The concept of the game is similar to some of the party games you may have played before, but the End of the World Card Game adds a new twist... an apocalyptic twist.

Unlike trying to survive a legit apocalypse, this card game is pretty simple. Each round, the round leader reads a survival scenario from a red "Survival" card, and everyone else answers with their best white card which we call "Provision" cards.

Our launch edition is based on the "Zombie Apocalypse." The scenarios we've come up with are designed to match perfectly with our over-the-top provision cards. We promise that if you're not rolling on the floor laughing after 5 minutes, you're probably much better people than we are.

Great news! Professionally printed sets are currently in production and the first shipment is expected to arrive in February 2014.
Sets will be available exclusively on Amazon as soon as they arrive from our printing factory. They’ll be priced at $25, with Amazon Prime members receiving free 2 day shipping.

While the free downloaded version includes 520 cards, the printed sets will include 560 cards for your playing pleasure. This includes 10 extra subject cards and 30 extra provision cards.

To see the game first and download the current free version, go right ahead. The link to the PDF is below, just next to your right hand, or as we call it around our office... “The Stranger”

Think you have the guts, the gall, and the stomach to survive on your own? Let’s find out. Just click on the link to download the PDF version. Included in the PDF is the core set of cards - 420 Provision cards and 100 Survival cards. Make sure you check out the rules to see how it all works, or you can always just make it up as you go. We don’t really care, but our rules are quite badass EFF, WHY, EYE.

These print at home cards are 2.0" x 3.5" templates and the PDF is over 50 pages so make sure you watch our awesome instruction video as well for tips and hints on how to make it easier on you.

All in all you can expect to spend about $10, unless you have to buy ridiculously overpriced ink as well. Then you’re just SOL.

Download Extras
Blank White Cards
Blank Red Cards
Blank Logo Cards
Rule Sheet
End of the World Card Game is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

You can remix the game for free, but you can’t sell it. We request that you do not steal our name while enjoying our game.

+ How do I play?
Start by reading the directions. In all seriousness, this game is pretty simple and in the traditional form, requires “survivors” to submit what they deem is the most appropriate/awful answer to the red survival questions. If your answer is deemed best, you win the red survival card, and the owner of the most survival cards at the end of the game wins.

+ How do I get more cards? Will there be any expansion sets?
In short, yes, the fun will continue. However, instead of adding more survival and provision cards (and without revealing too much), there is more than one way for the world to end. Stay tuned for additional awesomeness.

+ This game is a lot like some of the other cards games I’ve played. What makes this one unique?
This game is unique in a couple of ways. Beyond the apocalyptic undertones, the game also features several unique forms of play. These include Traditional, Mission(ary) Style, and Ration modes, with each style of play requiring different strategy and varying degrees of crass.

+ How do I purchase the End of the World Card Game?
The End of the World Card Game will be available exclusively through Amazon in mid 2014. Stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, please print and share the game with all your wonderfully politically incorrect friends and enjoy the epicness that is our game.

+ I’m offended by this game, how do you sleep at night?
Like a damn baby.

Have a great idea for a Survival card, Provision card or Expansion Pack? Submit your idea in the box below! We'll probably ignore it, but hey, give it your best shot.